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About Live Signature Maker

Live signature maker is a free tool which can help you create an amazing digital signature in no time.A digital signature is a sign which you can use anywhere online. You can also use a digital signature in Word. This way, you do not have to simply write your name at the end of any document. Instead, you can put your sign there. You can decide all the particulars of your signature and hence create a truly unique one


  • Select a font.
  • Choose the size of your font
  • Decide the color of your text
  • Write down your name. This is the name which will show in your signature
  • Select the level of slope. Slope means that you can choose whether your signature will be straight or tilted. If you want it to be tilted, you can decide the degree of the tilt.
  • Now click on “generate”. Your signature will be created.
  • You can save this sign or you can clear it to form a new sign.


With this digital signature maker, you can create a unique sign easily. The process is very detailed, so you can choose every exactly what your signature will look like. You can use this digital signature in Word or anywhere else. If you have a blog, or you have written something online, you can use the sign there. You can even use it at the bottom of your emails. Greeting cards will also get a personalized touch if you use this specially created sign at the bottom. In other words, every document you ever use online, or create on Microsoft Word, can make use of this digital signature.