Electronic online Signature Maker

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About online signature maker

If you want to create an online signature, you have come to the right place. This free online signature maker will let you create a digital signature with your very own handwriting. Electronic signature maker is a free tool. It works by using a pencil tool, which you can use to scrawl your sign in the given space. There are some customization options available. You can change the color of your pencil so you can create a truly unique sign. The best thing about this tool is that you can make a signature exactly like your handwritten one. In this way, this is a handwriting signature tool. That way, anyone who gets an online document from you with this sign will know exactly who signed it.

How to Use

Simply select the pencil and make your signature. If you want a thicker font, you can choose the paint brush. Once your sign is made, you can save it and then use it anywhere. The signature looks perfect at the bottom of emails, blogs, articles and even greeting cards. If you want a more playful touch, you can add colors to your signature as well.


This online signature maker lets you create a unique and original signature in very less amount of time. If you do not like the sign, you can always create a new one. Another great feature of this amazing electronic signature maker is that it lets you undo your scrawls with ease. This means that if you created a dot or a line which was out of place, or did not look exactly the way you wanted, you can always undo it. This way, you do not have to recreate the whole signature and can only edit the part of it that went wrong. Handwriting signature maker is thus a great tool which lets you add a personal touch to your online writings.